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Event: roundtable on AV at the Museum Arts & Métiers of Paris

Dominique Gruyer will participate in a roundtable on the topic of autonomous cars on February 17 at the Museum of Arts & Métiers in Paris, in the context of the exposition « Licence to drive? » (18/10/22-07/05/23).

The dream of autonomous cars is not new – the first experiments on that matter date from 1960 – but the autonomous vehicle sector has seen an extraordinary growth since the beginning of 2000. There are several ambitions: improve traffic safety and fluidity, and give ever more freedom to the driver. And yet, though this dream seems within our reach, its implementation rises technological, legal, social and environmental questions.

Roundtable proposed in the context of the exposition "Permis de conduire ?", animated by Mathieu Grousson, with the participation of: Nathalie Devillier (expert in digital rights at the European Commission on AI issues), Manon Eskenazi (research scientist at the Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport working on project SAM (Sécurité et Acceptabilité de la conduite et de la Mobilité autonome), Dominique Gruyer (research director and manager of the program on "Autonomous and Connected Vehicles" of Université Gustave Eiffel), and Filipe Vilas-Boas (artist).

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